Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto insurance helps cover the costs of auto accidents that occur while using company-owned vehicles for business. This coverage protects against property damage and medical expenses- similar to a personal auto policy.

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    What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

    MHG understands that Commercial Auto Insurance policies need to be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. How each business makes use of vehicles in their operation will differ, and circumstances will arise that require unique coverages to maintain proper protection.

    At MHG, we are prepared to cover every circumstance and every vehicle used in the course of business. This includes not only vehicles owned by the company but also personal vehicles used for company business, along with rental and leased vehicles.

    There are many different factors that contribute to the determination of the premiums payable for Commercial Auto Insurance. MHG advises our clients on the opportunities available to reduce their premium costs, while still maintaining the comprehensive risk protection they need.

    Simple steps such as hiring drivers with safe driving records, storing vehicles in a secure location, and purchasing vehicles with high safety ratings can make a significant difference.