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Commercial Lines

MHG Insurance + Risk Mitigation –  we know business/commercial risk.

Business insurance is designed to protect business owners and assets from a variety of exposures. We will evaluate your specific business insurance needs, then fashion risk mitigation strategies to reduce your total cost of risk. We can help you implement risk management strategies and place insurance coverages to protect your hard work and ensure your business continues to have an opportunity to succeed and grow. We take the time to find out the different challenges your industry may have relative to insurance concerns and tailor a package that fits your risks. We look at all potential exposures your business may have, according to your personnel, location, and future plans.

Personal Lines

MHG Insurance + Risk Mitigation – we know personal risk.

Having the right personal insurance broker can help give you peace of mind knowing you have the right coverage for the risks- all at competitive pricing. With a personal insurance policy, you can protect yourself and your family. Personal lines insurance covers costs that could potentially cripple your financial health. We provide our clients with products to protect their homes, automobiles, and personal possessions, as well as personal liability coverages. With the best insurance provider partners, we can offer a wide selection of policies designed to properly protect you while meeting your budget requirements. You work hard to protect your family and yourself. We can help. We’ll assess your risks and help you tailor the personal lines insurance you need.


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The Impact Of Emerging Technology On Equipment!

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on emerging technologies with an estimated 7.5 billion connected devices expected to join the Industrial Internet of Things by 2020.1 Data centers are increasingly vital to business operations. Complex, digitally controlled, remotely operated machinery is replacing much of the manual operator control equipment. This rapidly evolving technology means new risks for businesses.

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Lessons Learned from Lahaina and other similar wildfires! Our blog takes you on an inside look at the Lahaina, Tubbs, and Camp fires; the contributing factors of each; and what is and can be done to help prevent such widespread and heartbreaking loss. To Read The Article, visit the link in our bio and go to our blog page! #mhglv #lahainafire #fireinsurance #riskmitigation #milehighgroup ...

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Founded in Denver, Colorado in the early 1980s by Rom C Maningo- Mile High Group (MHG) is a family-owned, but nationally affiliated, independent insurance brokerage offering businesses and individuals professional risk mitigation strategies and competitive insurance products. With an experienced and client-centered internal team, modernized infrastructure, sub-agency partners throughout metro Denver, and the best provider-partners with competitive products and programs– MHG has been able to effectively mitigate clients’ risk and provide necessary insurance … for more than 40+ years. Visit our website (link in bio) to learn more about our history and our expansion into Las Vegas!

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General State Of The Cannabis Market:
The cannabis insurance market has undergone notable transformations and shifts in recent years. As the sector continues to develop, insurance providers are refining their offerings to meet the unique needs and challenges being presented. To read our full blog on this topic, visit our website link (in bio) and go to our blog page! #mhg-lv #cannabisinsurance #milehighgroupinsurance

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There’s nothing like a day of fun on the water. Whether you have a fishing boat, sailboat, pontoon boat, powerboat, or personal watercraft- we can strategize insurance to cover your risks.

It’s important to have the right coverage that will protect you, your passengers, and your boat or watercraft while you’re on the water. No matter what type of recreational boat you own, having watercraft insurance is essential, and @mhg.lasvegas can help you with the proper level of insurance. Contact us today! #mhglv #milehighgroup #boatinsurance

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At MHG-LV @mhg.lasvegas) Insurance + Risk Mitigation, we can design a specialized package according to your property, liability, and casualty needs. We are also proactive in identifying any factors that may increase your premiums or change your risk, and provide consulting and risk management options to protect your business. Contact us today for details! #mhglv #milehighgroup #commerciallinesinsurance #businessinsurance ...

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Meet Drake Maningo of MHG-LV. Learn more about Drake and our entire team on our ABOUT US page on our website (link is in our bio). ...

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The Impact of Emerging Technology on Equipment

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on emerging technologies with an estimated 7.5 billion connected devices expected to join the Industrial Internet of Things by 2020.1 Data centers are increasingly vital to business operations.