Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers liability insurance cover directors and officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer of the business- protecting senior leadership.

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    Why Is Directors and Officers Coverage So Important?

    D&O or Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is a critical piece of corporate insurance. Litigation has become an unfortunate but very real part of life for those who have the privilege of positions of leadership in today’s business world. Directors and officers face the potential of being personally named in suits related to the organizations they serve.

    Public and privately owned companies and nonprofit organizations which have a board of directors and/or corporate officers should have D&O insurance coverage for their board of directors and officers.

    What Is The Main Purpose Of Directors And Officers Insurance?

    The primary reason is the protection of the personal assets of the individuals who serve in these positions. Directors and officers can be held personally responsible for the actions of the organizations and companies they represent and will almost always be personally named in any suit against their organization. Without D&O coverage in place, these individuals open themselves up to an immense amount of risk from suits filed by employees, clients, and stockholders.

    Most individuals who serve in such positions will insist upon having D&O Insurance coverage in place before accepting the position. Likewise, investors are seldom willing to risk funding an organization that does not have sufficient D&O coverage in place.