Product Liability

Business Product Liability insurance protects the product manufacturer, seller, or distributor from legal liability associated with a product defect that causes personal injury or damage associated with its use.

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    What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

    Product Liability insurance helps protect businesses if they are accused of making, distributing or repairing a product that causes harm. Some product liability coverage is typically included in a general liability insurance policy, but businesses facing greater risks may need to increase their limits or purchase additional coverage.

    Product Liability insurance helps protect a business when there’s a claim that a product it made or sold caused harm.

    Claims of physical injury or property damage can be brought by the buyer of the product, a user of the product, or a bystander. The physical harm or damage caused by the product can be the result of the following:

    1) Design flaws;

    2) Product defects.; or

    3) Inadequate instructions, labels and warnings.

    Product Liability insurance is not legally required, but a business that does any of the following product-related activities should consider purchasing it:

    1) Manufacturing;

    2) Distributing.;

    3) Wholesaling;

    4) Importing;

    5) Retailing;

    6) Installing; and/or

    7) Repairing/modifying