Umbrella Policy

Personal umbrella insurance offers additional liability coverage and extends your automobile and homeowners insurance policy limits- providing that added layer or risk mitigation.

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    What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

    Umbrella insurance helps cover certain liability claims and lawsuits that exceed the limits of your auto or homeowners insurance policies. An umbrella insurance policy includes several liability protections, such as:

    Auto bodily injury liability: This helps cover a person’s treatment costs if they get hurt in a car accident. This coverage steps in when you reach your auto liability limit.

    Bodily injury liability: This can help cover another person’s medical bills. If someone gets hurt and sues you, this coverage protects you once your liability limit has been reached.

    Landlord insurance: This coverage helps protect you if someone gets hurt at your rental property and sues you. This coverage helps once your liability limit has been exhausted.

    Property damage liability: This helps pay for damage to another person’s property or vehicle. This coverage will take effect when your liability limit has been exhausted.

    What Isn’t Covered by an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

    Your personal umbrella insurance policy doesn’t cover every claim. For example, it won’t cover losses related to your business. For that kind of claim, you’ll need a commercial umbrella insurance policy. Other exclusions are: damage to personal property from fire or theft, losses from business operations, contractual issues that lead to lawsuits, and any criminal actions.